FIPM Product Highlights

Mobile support (DD791 Entry in-flight)

Mobile support for entering the DD791inflight or offline that syncs to the Web module when connection is restored.

Alert Validation

Automatic identification of transaction anomalies like inventory and fuel gallons validation while entering the information.

Easy Wizard Entry

An intuitive and comprehensive wizard for Air Crew that provides more accurate and complete data entry.

Data Accessibility/ Digital DD791

All DD791 are stored electronically and are searchable via tail number or mission number, making it easily accessible whenever needed.

FMD/EEBS Processing Tracking

FIPM interfaces with EEBS system and allows the WRDCO/POL to see status of EEBS processing against the transactions with an assigned MILSTRIP.

Roles Support Coordination of Workflow

Supports DD791process for different roles involved in processing the transactions (Boom, FMS, POL, WRDCO).

FMS Billing Validation

Provides FMS validation of tail charges/digital sign-off for foreign transactions.

Tail SMART Assist

Affords easy identification of tail numbers in FIPM when inputting 791; Smart Assist aids in rapid selection of those tail numbers that are missing or incomplete and will autofill related fields when selected.

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