FTPM Product Highlights

Fuel Receipt and Bill Reconciliation

The system tools support the monthly fuel receipts reconciliation process ensuring compliance with government mandates and regulations. This facilitates the wing to be audit-ready.

Fuel Transaction and Alert Validation

FTPM has automated business rules to identify duplicate billings, errors in unit cost charges, or invalid fuel charges for aircraft no longer assigned to their wing.

Command Wide information in Real Time

FTPM provides command-wide visibility to fuel and reconciliation processes with all coordination being handled from within the system.

Sales Receipt Transaction Import Tool

FTPM provides import tools for POL Office report such as Sales Receipt (DD1898) to facilitate multiple transaction matching in one upload.

Crosswalk References

FTPM interfaces with other legacy/external systems (EEBS, CRIS, Inventory, etc.) to compare FTPM data with other systems.

Smart Tools & Charts

FTPM Smart Tools enable robust analytics for deeper insights.

Fuel Rate Management

FHPM provides the ability for units to provide hour spend plans.  Tracks under/over flying to established baseline.

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