Go Beyond Performance.

Easy Data Capture

Use GPS shot tracking app during or after a round without being limited to a  desktop

Team Oriented

Your team practices together and competes together, and as peers, they’re capable of encouraging and pushing each other to meet their goals

Results Driven

See how your entire team is doing with in-depth metrics: results from today, yesterday, weekly, monthly, yearly and more

Supports Individual Player Needs

Each player deserves specialized coaching that will move them forward. With CAFDEx Go metrics, you can place players into groups for specific skills training

Improves Coach Impact

Use metrics to validate your teaching method or create new ways of reaching  your players

Go The Distance.

Player Stat View

View players’ historical statistics and progress made throughout time

Rounds Tracking

Live round tracking with pinpoint GPS location provides accurate ball placement

Organization Stat View

Use the Organization view to review data for the players under your organization and compare skill levels

Targeted Practice

Review practice of the player, provides recommended practice areas to give the player better understanding of their progress


View and register for upcoming events and have access to past events players have played in


Challenge metrics over time assist in making the correlation between practice and rounds

Player Resume

Downloadable PDF of player stats, highlights, schedule, GPA and more

Coaches Prospect Training

Track shots for prospective players and use the metrics to guide team selection

Tournament Resume

Download highlights and metrics from historical tournaments, as well as a player’s upcoming tournament schedule

Equipment Eval & Check Out

Utilize tools to compare equipment used in a shot vs the stats; manage team equipment for your organization

Go  For the Gold Standard.
  •  Mobile and Web App support
  •  Data capture from a single application
  •   Auto-generates multi-dimensional webpages
  •   Provides visibility to areas of opportunity
  •   Track and Improve Player performance
  •   Player marketing from junior level to pro
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