Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) tools to support the Mission through overall Program Management

CAFDEx WSS Tools Provides Comprehensive Adaptable Capabilities  For Resource Planning Activities   from Planning, Programming, Budgeting  to Execution for more than 20 years. 

FRM Exec Mgmt


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Optimize risk posture and cash flow to deliver execution year spend plans. Dynamically manage spend plan forecasts and actual obligation updates for program funding with crosswalk to financial data.

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  • Efficiently allocate funding for future year forecasts
  • Perform scenario analysis
  • Collaboration for confident decision making
  • Generate POM deliverables. 
  • Minimize rework and enable agility for fact of life changes

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  • Generate deliverables for Congressional and President Budget activities
  • Facilitates scenario exploration
  • Optimizes algorithms for funding allocation
  • Manage dynamic fund and appropriation categories
  • Generates Justification Book (J Book) output products to include variance narratives and Zero Based Transfer (ZBT) files
AMRWork Spec
AMRTask Mx

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Requirements Management:
  • Multiple attribute maintenance to include  contract and organic repair services
  • Ability to create, copy, transfer, and archive requirements during each logistics cycle.
  •  Provides Historical Ex Actuals visibility.

Planning and communication tool
between the Program Group and the Organic Depot organization to plan the accomplishment of depot overhauls.

  • Integrate with requirements
  • Robust editing and change control tools
  • eCollaboration integration
  • Generate MS Word or PDF doc



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Capture aircraft and missile  requirements to include those driven by Program Depot Maintenance Schedule

  • Requirement attributes including hours, narratives, variances, impact statements and recommendations.
  • Trend Analysis capabilities to forecast out-year reqts and
    Non-Trended Proposal Maintenance

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Primary Mobile Maintenance Actions (PMMA)
  • Identify and track equipment types and locations.
  • Efficient projection of scheduled site visits Manage and track sustainment requirements and funding.

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Communication and Electronic System Requirements (CESR)

  • Form 227 maintenance
  • Form 227 approval and revision tracking
AMRWork Spec
AMRTask Maintenance

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