Flying Hour Management
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FTPM is a powerful tool that helps to organize, record, and reconcile DoD Aviation Fuel Receipts. It is uniquely designed to help units and commands prepare for audits while helping to save time and money by automating the review and matching of fuel receipts and flagging items, such as errors or duplicate bills, for follow up.

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Fuel Inflight Program Management (FIPM) is a dynamic web-based solution which helps users efficiently manage the 791 in-flight refueling transaction process for both Tanker and Receiver units.  FIPM also offers a mobile app for real-time entry of DD 791 data for the in-flight transactions.

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FHPM is an enterprise, web-based system, Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a collection of tools for the collaboration, forecasting, tracking and management of flying hours from the command down to unit level.

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FFPM is a powerful tool to bridge between Flying Hour Execution, Aviation Fuel consumption and the funding supporting each for overall portfolio management to include Working Capital Fund and Fly Government Purchase Card obligations.

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