FFPM Product Highlights

WSS, Fly & Non-Fly Total Funding Overview

FFPM provides ability to manage/track funding and distributions for the over all Program

Crosswalk References

FFPM interfaces with systems of record such as REMIS, PBES, Financial Data. The centralized analysis of FHP Data with other systems provides data credibility and process efficiency

Working Capital Fund (WCF) Bills

Target loads, automates Working Capital fund bill

Classic Associate Bills

Automates process of funding Classic Associate requirements and paying Classic Associate hours executed

Fly GPC Status

Fly GPC Distribution to MAJCOM/Units

Target Load (DEAMS & Legacy)

Interface with AFM data an automated AF1269 process to include FM sign off. Crosswalk with CRIS data to ensure postings match OBADs. Spread and realign funding received

Rate Analysis

Analysis of fuel rates to determine when overpaying for fuel

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