Optimize risk posture and cash flow to deliver execution year spend plans; Manage Requirement forecast and actual obligation updates for program funding with crosswalk to financial data.

FRM Execution Management

 Execution Maintenance 

  • Execution Plan Snapshot and Actuals
  • Spend plan fund spreads and governance slides

  Crosswalk References

  • Interface and intersection for Cross Walk Capabilities between disconnected systems
  • Data continuity through access to historical data

 Execution Maintenance

  • Use of Leading Indicators for Execution and Cash Flow Management

  • Rapid forecasting of accurate, coordinated funded requirements
  • Out of Cycle Management, monitoring and tracking
  • Capture unfunded requirement impact and priorities allowing funding to be reallocated to greatest impact

 Reports and Analysis

  • Standardized and custom reports and analytics
  • Optimize cash flow utilization during year of execution
  • Close and publish finalized execution data call for input into budgetary process/

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