Fuel Audits Simplified using CAFDEx® Fuel Transaction Program Management

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Fuel Audits Simplified using CAFDEx® Fuel Transaction Program Management

In the recently released report  GAO-23-105531, the US. Government Accounting Office identified weaknesses and recommendations for the DoD processes for purchasing, selling, and recording fuel transactions.  The CAFDEx® FTPM tools have been configured to assist with the recording and management of fuel transactions and, hence, the auditability of fuel transactions. 

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 11-253, Managing Off-Station Purchases of Aviation Fuel and Ground Services, specifies requirements for Air Force organizations.  The table below details just how the FTPM tools help DoD fly organizations maintain compliance – saving time and money and ensuring audit readiness.

Audit Requirement

How CAFDEx® FTPM Helps

Segregation of duties with defined roles and responsibilities

CAFDEx® user management enables the required segregation of duties. 

Tools within CAFDEx® provide Command oversight over all units

Receive, record, audit and track all aviation fuel

FTPM receives, records, and tracks thousands of transactions with the ability to apply automated business rules that identify duplicate billings, errors in unit cost charges, or invalid fuel charges for aircraft no longer assigned to their Wing– to name a few.

Tracking of Unbilled Charges

End-of-year close-out activities (EOY MORD) accounts for all manual receipts loaded in FTPM that have not been billed.  This saves money and reduces compliance risks by preventing the typical ‘horseshoes and hand grenades’ approach of obligating millions of extra dollars at the end of year ‘just in case’ pending the receipt of actual data is usually not available.  

Review transactions and reconcile to financial statements

Cross-walk tools enable the systematic review of and compare of transactions across different perspectives

Accountability – Complete monthly memorandum that confirms validation of the accuracy of data

FTPM generates the monthly memorandum, captures electronic signatures, and stores it for future use.

Centralization of all documents and findings for Audit Readiness

The FTPM system simplifies the handling and record retention of thousands of transactions across the enterprise

CAFDEx® Enterprise Solutions

For over two decades, the CAFDEx® enterprise tools and solutions have delivered Success as a Service for government and commercial entities. CAFDEx® tools are highly configurable and backed by world-class support. We deliver Success as a Service.

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