Examining the Optimal Flying Hour Program Suite for the DoD

July 7, 2023 Kristin Walker No comments exist

The Flying Hours Suite of tools offers units and commands a range of time and cost-saving features. It also enables the DoD to improve readiness for audits and streamline management of the program which is a significant budgetary cost.

The Flying Hour Program suite features multiple products, including:

Flying Hour Program Management (FHPM) for Forecasting

FHPM is an enterprise, web-based system providing a collection of tools for the collaboration, forecasting, tracking and management of flying hours from the command down to unit level.  Capabilities include:  

  • Supports command allocation and unit level utilization of hours
  • Enables “what if” drills to aid hours planning
  • Integrates with REMIS and other systems
  • Fixes transaction disconnects and tracks corrections to the source system using various business rules
  • Auto calculation features including determining spend rate, audit tracking of any changes, and calculating cost per flying hour by specific rate

Fuel Transaction Program Management (FTPM)

Commands and units use this product to operate more efficiently and reduce costs. It prepares them for future audits by organizing, reconciling, and recording DoD Aviation Fuel Receipts. It uses business rules and data interfaces to categorize receipts and match them for optimal accuracy. These rules and integrated workflows help users spot errors and prevent duplicates and see reduced fuel and process opportunities costs.

Key features include:

  • Enhances command and unit visibility of fuel transaction reconciliation status
  • Streamlines sales receipt (DD1898) import tool with automatic reconciliation capability
  • Seamless integration with comprehensive data interfaces including DLA (EEBP), Aircraft inventory, Aviation Fuel transactions, Fuel rates, and financial data (CRIS/DEAMS)
  • Identifies transaction anomalies with key alerts for prompt correction

Fuel In-Flight Program Management (FIPM)

The FIPM also helps commands save money and time and stay prepared for audits. It logs and bills flight fuel transactions to the right fuel source, country, unit, or service through a web-based platform that’s purpose built for the DD791 In-Flight Refueling process for Receiver and Tanker units. Users can also leverage the FIPM mobile app that enables them to enter DD 791 data in real time. Additional features include:

  • Streamlined workflow and coordination tools enabling efficient approval of DD791 by all stakeholders (Boom Operators, FMS, WRDCO, POL, Command)
  • Centralized platform for boomer operations, ensuring accurate and efficient digital fuel transfers
  • Electronic DD791 generation and searchable database for easy access and retrieval of DD791 records
  • Detailed audit tracking of changes made to each DD791, maintaining a comprehensive record of revisions

Fly Funding Program Management (FFPM)

This program gives commands more visibility to the entire portfolio, to include Weapon Systems Sustainment, Non-Fly and Fly Funding portfolios, so they can operate with accountability. The FFPM supports the command manager with overall readiness and funding optimization.

The DoD is moving fly programs to Flying Hour Program Management tools to help commands closely watch flying hours and fuels. The program’s suite of products enables commands and units to reduce costs and prepare for audits.

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